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Beyond the Pines

\\ A Flagstaff Wellness Collective //

Cody Bayles,PhD

The Alchemist. The Questioner. The Jester.

Enneagram: 4

Myers-Briggs: INFJ

FLG born and raised. Cody maintains a never-ending appetite for breakfast burritos with green chiles and double americanos. When he's not staring at trail maps trying to learn all he can about the surrounding area, he can once annually be found creating family Christmas letters that result in people tilting their head and uttering under their breath, "huh?"

Cody loves all things language. This includes spelling phonetically and creating portmanteaus, or in his words, "wombos," (word combos). As one half of the #beyondFLG podcast, he enjoys meeting and connecting with members of the community and learning their stories. In addition to producing episodes that attempt to communicate information related to psychological topics in relatable ways.

Click here to learn more about Cody's professional background and approach to therapy.

Dan Phillips,PhD

The Oracle. The Investigator. The Observer.

Enneagram: 5

Myers-Briggs: INFJ

Transplant from Arizona’s northerly sibling, Utah. Dan is a defender of personal time and space, while possessing a penchant for pure cane sugar and going to bed in the late afternoon. He prefers all things knowledge, which includes taking deep dives into books that are typically used as a tool to balance an off-kilter table.

When he's not swimming in Lake Mary or going for long bike rides, or just simply taking a photo of his bicycle to suggest he's gone for a long ride, he can be found studying the first page of his new favorite book. As one half of the #beyondFLG podcast, Dan enjoys getting to meet people from the community and learn what ideas and processes led them to where they are now. He also enjoys burying his brain in new information to share in Quick N' Nerdy episodes.

Click here to learn more about Dan's professional background and approach to therapy.

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