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Beyond the Pines

\\ A Flagstaff Wellness Collective //

Image by Jan Huber


Beyond the Pines is a wellness collective founded by psychologists, Cody Bayles and Dan Phillips. It exists to promote connection in service of human and planetary thriving. Read below to learn more about our vision, mission, and purpose.

Image by Jan Huber
The Vision.

To promote connection in service of human and planetary thriving.

The Mission.

To create an inclusive culture of wellness based on connection to self, others, and the natural world.

The Purpose.

To produce connection to self, others, and the natural world through respect, dignity, and obligation to ourselves, neighbors, future generations, and the planet that sustains us.

Our Values.





Grit (passion x persistence)

"Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
there is a field. I’ll meet you there."

- Excerpt from "A Great Wagon" by Rumi
The Origin.

Beyond the Pines came about from discussions around shared values between its founders while they were running trails in Flagstaff, AZ. Those shared values, which include mindfulness, innovation, intuition, sustainability, and grit led to ideas for how to promote connection to self, others, and the natural world.  


The name Beyond the Pines is important to the overall make-up of the collective. This name was derived from the song titled, "Beyond the Pines" by Thrice, which was influenced by the Rumi poem, "A Great Wagon." In each of these pieces, the artists speak to finding a place where we can end divisions created in our minds and find satisfaction in the gray by acknowledging and becoming open to life as it is. At the center of these works is a message related to connection and acceptance, which is why we chose to use the word collective in our name. We intend to connect with ourselves and anyone willing to join us in the place Beyond the Pines.

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